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Web design
Design strategies that empower human interaction

At ThinkBIG, we have a special love for building products that work seamlessly and provide fluid user experiences that build trust and loyalty. And we deliver high-performing web experiences. With feature-packed designs that are digitally transformative and designed to fit your users' journey.

Design thinking, in a sprint?
SDesign thinking, in a sprint?

A great digital solution can only evolve from a deep understanding of business, it’s underlying core values and behavior of its end users. And this is just what we aim for. By using design thinking methodology and streamlining it into focused design sprints, we empower collaboration in the design of effective and efficient user experience.

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we are a creative design studio

We do one-off web design services as well
We do one-off web design services as well

Not every organization is in need or can be aligned with a design sprint due to various reasons, we get that. Some design needs require a one-off engagement or are too straightforward to go through the framework.

However, the design is more than just a screen of pretty pixels, and we tend to deliver more than just an image without a story.

Your next big idea

In the hands of the right team

Wireframes and low-fidelity mockups

In order to avoid numerous design iterations, it’s best that you draw out the process and flow of a product and perceive how the user will journey through and experience it. And wireframes and lo-fi mockups are an excellent way to ideate and visualize this. To bring your product to life, our design team begin with wireframes and low-fidelity mockups to:

- Define and prepare custom designs and layouts

- Visualize and create a mood board

- To direct and guide the style and tone of the product

User Interface prototypes

If your product features can’t be easily navigated and used – they will cause churn. An elegant and intuitive UI guides your users and empowers the way they experience it. Our design team can help you create streamlined and visually appealing user interfaces that empower retention. We do this while:

- Telling your product story - both in words and visuals

- Designing interactive prototypes that enable and encourage them to explore it

Web and Graphic designs and style guides
Web and Graphic designs and style guides

Using templates or stock imagery can dilute your brand recognition. Custom design work, graphics or web-based, can help your brand deliver a tailored experience and increase its recognition. Whether you’re just ideating your brand style, updating your existing design or just scaling up your marketing collateral, we are here to help you by

- Ideating and designing a logo

- Designing your branding products and material

- Consolidating brand books and style guides

- Redesigning or visually upgrading your web site or app design