System administration services

System administration

System administration
He who laughs last probably made a server back-up

System administration is relevant to all of the services we provide. And we are well aware of the limitations that SMBs and MSMEs have when it comes to dedicating resources and building infrastructures needed to maintain their in-house needs. So, when your business-critical systems need someone to manage, we have a specialist in our pool to provide.

System administration services
System administration services

A thorough analysis of your IT infrastructure and its fault tolerance helps us identify room for improvement. We provide solutions for monitoring, system backups and disaster recovery.

However, SysAdmin’s duty is not to only handle critical system handling but to enable the frictionless function of your business flow. Whether it’s configuration or upgrades of software, managing, and creation of user accounts and access rights or migrating the whole instances or repositories. Our system administrators will help you manage and administer these with ease.

At ThinkBig, we cover:

- Server maintenance and network management

- Performance tuning and load optimization

- Routine system checkups, upgrades, and fixes

- Remote troubleshooting

- Linux/Windows system administration

- Cloud services and system administration

System administration

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SysAdmin support for your development team
SysAdmin support for your development team

Need to set up, support or extend your in-house team? We provide backup for your team by taking over your system administration while you look for that perfect hire, or developing your entire infrastructure.

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In the hands of the right team

We avoid being heroes - We focus on developing trust

It’s at the core of a SysAdmin to deliver a heroic effort to bring all services back online. However, with a little bit of forethought, many outages can be prevented. And an outage that never happens is never talked about either. We all love heroes, and they are great - on TV and Cinema. But in the Data Center, real heroes are the ones who prevent quietly, without you even knowing

We deliver Premium system care

If your servers are an integral part of your revenue generation, you need them up and running at all times. We focus on preventing problems before they occur by devising and implementing appropriate countermeasures for “what if” scenarios. All while doing our best work to ensure your systems and servers run at their highest optimal performance. Simply put, we take the best care of your business-critical systems.

And help you cruise the cloud

Agile organizations benefit greatly when they moved to the cloud. True, however, to truly reap the rewards, you need to understand the capabilities and limitations of their processes and environments. At ThinkBig, we help you kick-start the process of deployment of your digital products to the cloud.

We are the “-” in Dev-Ops

It’s often the case that companies have their dev team on double-duty. However, building software that meets your users' needs and managing the system behind it that delivers them are two very different areas that require different skill sets. Development and Operations teams approach the same problems from different perspectives. And we bring our expertise to bridge that gap and allow your dev team to do what it does best.