We take a pragmatic approach


Agile consulting
Agile consulting

A proven way to gradually transform your business, catalyze innovation and accelerate growth

At the heart of ThinkBig is our ability to provide a solid and understandable way to help our clients adopt agile practices. We have years of experience in helping train and guide organizations in its adoption.

From small co-located teams, over large strategic programs to remote teams, we help our clients implement agile software development practices. Whether you’re just starting out, getting ready to scale or just looking to adopt new practices throughout your organization, we are here to support you.

We do this by:

- Kickstarting your transformation to Agile by introducing you to the very basics of Lean principles and core set of Agile values

- Defining your value streams and identifying and isolating bottlenecks in your development process. All with a goal of helping you optimize the way in which you deliver business value to your customers

- Educating your development team to gain, retain and utilize new knowledge in their process of delivering quality products fast.

- Initiating a smooth and seamless transition of your team’s development process to Kanban or Scrum

Your next big idea

In the hands of the right team

Agile Team consulting

Our Agile coaches can directly work and integrate with your teams. They take all steps needed to first learn all about your team - their history, workflow, and dynamics - in order to instruct and facilitate the agile ceremonies.

Product Owner training and consulting

Product owners are critical to product success. And a company that nurtures a culture of learning and growth is where Product owners flourish. Good product owners need to be empowered by their company to take the product in the right direction. And growth-oriented companies need to create an environment where leaders can get hired and hone their skills. We help companies solve this “chicken and the egg” problem by providing guidance and training on both sides. The guidance that goes beyond learning and understanding of agile methodologies and lean practices. But one that focuses on individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Frontend development

we are a creative design studio

Scrum Master training and consulting
Scrum Master training and consulting

We don’t engage in basic vanilla training of Scrum Masters that deliver members with minimal to no experience. Our training and consulting align your specific needs with the maturity of your organization across different attributes. We define the training based on your unique situation by focusing on the needs that are most critical. Therefore, we cover training for

- People who are completely new to Agile/Scrum

- Scrum Masters working on several projects

- Scrum Masters with the role of project managers

- Scrum Masters working with remote teams

UX team consulting
UX team consulting

UX is more than just a buzzword. It’s improving the everyday experience of using technology. However, all agile software development teams have a common struggle- syncing with the design teams they are working with. This off-sync can lead to delivering fast, functional, quality assured products delivered, that completely misses the mark when experienced by the users. The UX design processes start well off before the development begins and need to stay ahead of each iteration. The way you organize and distribute your UX team throughout your organization can make a critical difference. But in order to get this sync right, you need to take an honest look at your company culture, people behind it, and their UX skills sets. We recognized this problem first hand, and we took it as a mission to help all our clients overtake this hurdle.

At ThinkBig we
Do Agile at scale

By helping organizations, no matter the size, implement the scaling pattern that’s right for their unique environment.

We take a pragmatic approach

By helping our clients implement Agile practices suited to their specific needs.

By focusing on business values

We build mobile first rich experiences to mobile screens for tailored apps on Android and iOS. Right from designing a natural UI to the development of cross-platform mobile apps we take on a user-centric on approach by mapping your business needs to your users’ journey. Be it a cloud-based app, enterprise app or eCommerce, we possess the expertise to bring innovation!

To educate the entire organizations

From individual to team training, to showing C-Sec management, HR and other departments how to support and leverage from Agile practices.

And guide complete agile transformations

From Agile readiness assessment, over pilot projects and training to integration and expansion of Agile teams, we kickstart, guide and nurture your Agile transformation.